Connecting and Securing Your Network

Support Center

Welcome to Strong Connexions Live Support

Strong Connexions is here to provide the technical assistance and support you and your organization need for incoming queries and issues related to computer systems, software, and hardware. We will respond to requests either in person or over the phone, train users, schedule maintenance and installation or simply maintain daily performance of the network systems. No matter what the need is, let our Strong Support be there for you and your teams.

Remote Support & Help Desk

Our remote support group provides the ability to get access to a computer or your network from a remote distance. The organizations we work with have people at branch offices, telecommuters, and people who are travelling that may need access to the corporation’s network. We not only support this but we provide this service to our customers and we use it ourselves to support you anytime, anywhere.

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Network Operations Center (NOC)

Our NOC oversees complex networking environments that require high availability. Our NOC personnel are responsible for monitoring many networks for conditions that require special attention to avoid degraded service. In addition to monitoring internal and external networks of related infrastructure, our NOC’s monitor social networks to get a head-start on disruptive events.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Our SOC is a centralized unit dealing with security issues within organizations we support. Strong Connexions SOC staff supervises sites using data processing through various technology and security platforms to ensure constant monitoring and protection is being provided to customers and end users.